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About Me


Why do you Write?

The process of composition, particularly the written expression of my viewpoints regarding subjects about which I am both passionate and knowledgeable, delivers a much-needed therapeutic outlet, eliminating the discomfort were these opinions maintained internally. Writing also provides me with a contemplative, serene, and trouble-free environment in which I can immerse myself for hours when a respite from life’s inevitable pressures becomes necessary. A well-known and apropos metaphor for my writing environment is “the roof,” as described in the Drifters 1962 classic track, “Up on the roof,” where, “On the roof, it’s peaceful as can be, and there the world below can’t bother me.”

“On the roof, it’s peaceful as can be, and there the world below can’t bother me.”

How did you get Started in Your Field?

An NJ certified high school physics teacher, composing, and editing as a means of financial sustenance is a relatively new-found advancement. Always deriving immense satisfaction from composition, notably to amend the mistaken viewpoints of others, (just kidding), it was not until Summer 2014, when I gradually developed confidence in my capabilities to generate quality prose. As a student in Professor Moskowitz’s English Composition II course, Professor Moskowitz repeatedly referred to me as the most exceptional writer that he had ever encountered in his 25+ years of teaching. Many of my works upon which he based his assessment are readily accessible by clicking on the “Essays on Social Phenomena” menu entry. Below is a picture of his written recommendation:

What Have you Done so far?

In 2016 and 2017, I composed approximately 50 statistically driven editorial pieces for the Boston Red Sox at the site Bosoxinjection.com. I was both humbled and fortunate when one of my better analytical articles enjoyed publication on FoxSports.com. Furthermore, I was selected by a major marketing company, The Brand Amp, to author an article vis-à-vis the charitable relationship between Boston Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale and a client represented by said marketing company. 

Over the past few years, I have assisted many students with the organization and editing of their college essays, while engaging in a significant quantity of freelance employment. To be specific, I have been hired to compose legal arguments for court cases, to translate documents from Spanish to English and vice versa, and to produce a resignation letter for a client; a client for whom circumstances dictated his resignation sans the provision of any notice. The letter, which elicited glowing reviews from my client and his colleagues, utilized legal arguments and a well-delineated exploitable public relations nightmare for the district were my client not to obtain full benefits, despite his failure to provide any notice. Suffice to say; my client received all his interests and entitlements in full.

What are Your Passions and Hobbies?

Passions and hobbies include fighting for justice, equality, and the underdog. Other significant interests include athletics, education, the law, popular culture, music, technology, politics, family, and friends.

Entirely apathetic towards politics until the tragic and still dubious outcome of the 2016 Presidential election. The election of Donald Trump to the nation’s highest office ignited a perpetual fire in me that burns white-hot. This site features three political editorials that encapsulate my unapologetic and adversarial opinions concerning certain poignant moments in the Trump regime. This administration continues to elevate the already untouchable “Barr” regarding its unconscionable levels of racism, corruption, deception, and moral turpitude. In so doing, 45 has fractured this country and encouraged the expression of pathological ideas that have no place in any America with which I am familiar.

It seems unfathomable that just three years ago, we had a classy, honorable, respectable, and scandal-free President occupying the Oval Office. President Obama was a great President, an even greater man, and entirely antithetical to Donald Trump in every category imaginable. How could things go so South so quickly?

When I get reminiscent and yearn for the direction in which our country traveled under the steady stewardship of Barack Obama, one could hardly criticize me for blasting the song “My President,” which I have embedded into my response. 

Recorded on the day President Obama clinched the Presidential nomination for the Democrats in 2008, appropriate and well-deserved Shoutouts to Young Jeezy and Nas for both ending their feuds and creating an iconic, everlasting masterpiece.



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